What’s The Best Way To Share Wedding Photos with Guests?

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Weddings are the most important days in your life. This is the day that is the most memorable and you will remember it forever. You also wanted to check if the guests do relive their profound and joyous memories.

If you are thinking about wedding photo sharing then you should search for the right photos with the right people and how you can share these pictures. It’s not an easy task and how can you do that? Let’s Find out. 

The Importance of Wedding Photos 

Wedding photos are not just random pictures clicked on a day but a collection of beautiful memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Many of the best photographers are employed to capture those blissful memories of your happy memories. The Random pictures, the artistic ones, and the pictures with all the guests, friends, and family. 

These pictures are not just pictures, but true storytellers of the events in that ceremony that happened. This is the way through which you share those emotions and stories of love directly with the world. The Job of hiring a great photographer will be solved when they click great photos of different moments in the wedding so that a great Wedding photo album will be created forever. 

What’s the Best Way to Share Wedding Photos with Guests?

At a wedding event, there are thousands and thousands of photos taken by different photography professionals. Every photo created in the event has a value and finding the right photo to send to the right guest will be challenging. You have to search for the right face in every picture so that you can do it. 

Different Options for sharing wedding pictures 

Some of the different options can be used to share wedding pictures. But are they effective or not, let’s find out: 

Sharing images on messaging apps:

In today’s era, you can easily send different photos on any messaging app and they work. Many of the biggest tech giants have created great messaging apps, through which you can easily send different pictures. 

It’s also a little simple to send pictures and other media through these messaging platforms, but two problems arise when we look at sending pictures through these messaging platforms. 

  • The first problem is the issue with the picture quality. Although sending the photos is simple, it can cause a major loss of picture clarity and picture quality. 

Most of these apps share the media by decreasing its size. This causes the picture to lose all its details and clarity. 

  • Another major problem still remains, how can you search for the right photo for the right guests from thousands and thousands of photos to send to the right person? 

Sharing images in the mail: 

Another way of sharing the pictures is using the just traditional way of sending the pictures in physical form to the people. You can post these photos or courier these pictures to your loved ones. This can be a great way to send pictures and help the guests savor those memories of the wedding in physical form. But it also has some big problems that can be a big hindrance are: 

  • First, you have to professionally print the photos from the photo studios. 
  • Mailing photos is not easy. You have to go to deliver it or call the courier to start the process of delivery. 
  • Then you have to wait for the guests to get it. 
  • But the same question arises, how do you find the right photos for the guests in thousands and thousands of photos? The mailing strategy can be difficult for the most important thing. 

Using Simple Cloud services

If mail and messaging apps are not the solution maybe the solution is basic Cloud storage services from these big tech companies that can help you. You can upload all the photos and then you provide the permission to the guests to view the pictures. But there are some problems in this process:

  • You have to provide a link to all the guests in the photos. 
  • Also the same problem of how you can find those particular photos of those guests in between thousands and thousands of photos. 

So, how can you solve the problem of searching between thousands and thousands of pictures? The simple solution is a Wedding photo-sharing AI app TurtlePic. 

So, how is TurtlePic special from all those above-provided solutions? How can this app revolutionize the way through which Wedding Photo Sharing can be super easy for you and your guests? 

So, how does TurtlePic do what it does? The simple answer lies in the power of Artificial Intelligence or AI. So how does Artificial intelligence help TurtlePic to find the right picture for the right person? 

Turtle Pic is totally transforming the way wedding photos are shared. The platform automatically does facial recognition through which it can identify faces in a huge collection of photos. Even simple cloud services can’t do this kind of automated computational analysis. 

Some of the pros for wedding photos sharing through the TurtlePic are: 

  • It can just tag your photos automatically, which helps you save a lot of time and resources. 
  • It is much more accurate. The AI will identify the photos better than the humans. 
  • The AI face recognition will provide better photo recommendations based on past viewing characteristics. 
  • The TurtlePic wedding AI photo-sharing app is fully safe as it uses the latest technologies and algorithms. 

Just send the basics of the Turtle Pic to your guests. They just have to take a simple picture of themselves (commonly called a selfie) and then the Turtle Pic Wedding Photo Sharing Service will automatically find their photos from the whole collection of photos. Super Simple and Super easy. 


AI has totally changed our lives and Wedding Photo Album sharing services like TurtlePic will change the way we share our precious wedding photos. Make sharing Wedding photos super easy with TurtlePic now. 


  1. What is TurtlePic

Turtle Pic is a great AI cloud-based wedding photo service that uses advanced AI face recognition and advanced photo sharing. 

  1. How does Turtle Pic work?

Turtle Pic has adopted an advanced Artificial Intelligence system or AI process through which identifies guests by just uploading their selfies and the AI finds that guest in any picture of the wedding or ceremony. 

  1. Where can I use TurtlePic? 

Although the Turtle Pic is used in wedding photo sharing, it can be used for different events as well. 

  1. Where can I access TurtlePic?

You can access TurtlePic based on your convenience either from a phone or from a computer. 

  1. Is TurtlePic free to use?

With Turtle Pic you have the flexibility of choosing different pricing options based on your requirements. You can simply choose whatever plan and take all the benefits of TurtlePic.

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