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How to share wedding Images with Guests without sharing other people's photos

At every wedding, there are hundreds of guests, and thousands of pictures are taken. Now, one of the major concerns that arise is wedding photo sharing. Every guest wants to have their picture taken. How do you find specific photos of hundreds of people from thousands of images in your wedding photo album? If you share all the photos with everyone, the privacy of many people, especially women, gets compromised.

And thus, a very important question is raised, how can you share images with wedding guests without sharing complete access to your photos with everyone?

Relax, TurtlePic has you covered. TurtlePic is the leading wedding photo sharing ai app with advanced face recognition technology for sharing and safeguarding your photos. With multiple add on features like inbuilt analytics, Google Drive and Whatsapp Integration, get ready to level up your wedding photo sharing experience. With our wedding photo sharing software, your guests can instantly find their photos at the click of a selfie.

No more endless scrolling for your guests to find their photos. But that’s not all. Our 99.4% accurate face recognition can also be used as a firewall, safeguarding your wedding photos from getting public. By enabling our novel ‘Mandatory Selfie Search’ privacy setting, guests can only see the photos they are present in, instead of getting the access to thousands of your photos without authentication.

How AI Wedding Photos sharing Works

Create Event & Upload Photo

Capture or upload a

Each Guest gets "their" Photos within seconds

Process of sharing Wedding Photos through our AI Face Recorgnise tool

  • Open the TurtlePic wedding photo sharing app and sign up for a Free Account.
  • Create an Event by providing event name and other details (optional).
  • Customise the event privacy controls, theme and layout as per your preference and click ‘Publish Event’ button.
  • That’s it, you’re all set to invite your guests to cherish the moments from your event. No more endless scrolling to find their photos, nor the fear of privacy invasion!

Steps for Guest To Find Their Photos (Upload Selfie) :

TurtlePic generates a unique URL for all the events that are created which can then be shared with all the guests subsequently. On opening the shareable link with the guests, they land on your event gallery with all the photos of your event instantly. To find their photos from the event, following steps need to be followed:

  • Click the Selfie Search Button.
  • Register with name and email address.
  • Allow camera access and click a selfie.

And Voila! Your guests instantly get all of their photos from your event without having to scroll tirelessly through the event gallery. The guests will still have access to all the photos when the event has been set to public.
If you have customized the settings to show them only their pictures, then they will need to follow these steps after the unique URL of your event.

  • Enter their Name & Email ID.
  • Allow Camera access and click a Selfie. 

And that’s it! Our blazing-fast AI will instantly find all the photos of your guests without giving them access to all of your data. You even get to decide whether or not your guests can download the photos. Ensure maximum privacy for all your treasured photos seamlessly with TurtlePic

Guest will get the photos

  • Once your guests have taken their selfies using TurtlePic’s wedding photo sharing ai app, the AI-powered sharing process begins.
  • The app uses advanced image recognition technology to identify and group photos based on faces, locations, and timestamps.
  • The AI algorithm automatically organizes the photos and assigns them to the respective guests who took them.

Why Choose TurtlePic ?

There are a lot of reasons why many people have chosen our AI-based wedding photo-sharing tool and you should choose us too. These features give us a competitive advantage over the market making us the most preferred photo storage and sharing tool.

  1. Advanced AI algorithms:  We understand the importance of your and your guests’ time, and thus our advanced AI algorithms have made photo identification, management, sharing, and tracking way easier than ever.

  2. Effortless Sharing:  Pictures are taken to be shared among guests and thus we at TurtlePic ensure seamless integration with the most used social media platforms like WhatsApp, Gmail, telegram, and more.

  3. Smart face recognition:  Searching for specific people amongst thousands of pictures is very hard and thus our smart face recognition feature swiftly identifies the picture and gives results with 94.8% accuracy in just a few seconds.

  4. Privacy and Security:  At TurtlePic, your privacy is our top priority. We use latest techniques and secure cloud storage, ensuring that all your guests’ privacy is safeguarded.

  5. Reliable Backup and Lifetime Storage:  We understand the significance of preserving your wedding photos for a lifetime. TurtlePic offers dependable cloud storage solutions, ensuring that your precious memories are securely stored and backed up, ready to be treasured for years to come.

  6. Guest Engagement:  All your guests can actively participate by contributing their own photos, leaving heartfelt comments, and engaging with one another, fostering a sense of community and connection that truly sets your wedding apart.

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I recently got married and after marriage we had a bit issues sharing pictures to everyone. there were certain guys who were making some feel uncomfortable and we didn't want to share all the pictures to them. But they were relatives and we couldn't say no. And choosing specific pictures from so many pictures was not possible for us. Being a tech nerd, I thought maybe I could find something and I got introduced to TurtlePic. It was so amazing and so secure that all of us loved it. Everyone was able to see only their photos and we could share the specific pictures if someone asked us.

Harsh Aggarwal

TurtlePic's AI face recognition made sharing wedding photos effortless and secure. By default, everyone for only their photos and we controlled who saw specific pictures, creating personalized albums for guests. We had thought it will be a super messy and tiring thing but it all was so smooth. Thank you, TurtlePic!

Sahil Singh

I am a photographer and I knew that security and privacy is very important to our clients, there are always some relatives at a wedding with whom you don't want to share some pictures. usually clients don't ask for such things as it is their private matter but when I shared the pictures through tuetle pic and told them how it will make it very secure and private for them, they loved it and I got a lot of referrals through them. Turtle Pic has become my competitive advantage. Thank you turtle pic.

Sikha Tripathi

I am a professional event photographer, and when clients demand me for the pics and then they would share them on their social media platforms. Some would mention me in their captions majority won't. I always wished if there was some way viewers could see my brand with the pictures and when i knew that Turtle pic has a feature, in which I can add water mark of my logo in each picture, it was a business booster. I have gained so many clients after that. Great work turtle pic.

Neha Jha

The brand watermark feature is amazing and another thing that helps me a lot serve my clients is the analysis and tracking reports that I get in Turtlepic. I can see which pictures are being liked and used by my clients more and I am able to give my other clients pictures exactly what they want. They all love my work and I get many referrals. you have skyrocketed y business turtlepic. thank you so much.

Pawan Kumar

TurtlePic has been a game changer in sharing photos with the guests at the weddings I cover. Guest satisfaction has taken my client satisfaction much higher!

Gaurav Sabharwal Director at Prem Studios

Sharing photos with the guests was always a huge problem at weddings. TurtlePic's face recognition is a perfect solution for me and the people we capture. Client galleries have generated great number of impressions which were easily tracked by the inbuilt analytics of TurtlePic.

Sumit Singh Director at Sapna Studios

In every wedding, everyone loves to dress up and click photos, but lately people preferred mobile over photographers since there was no way to share their photos with them. With TurtlePic, I have been able to deliver every photo of each attendees within a day after the event. My clients are elated!

Prashant Sharma Director at Chitra Studios