7 Features an AI-driven cloud storage must give to individuals and photographers

Features an AI-driven cloud storage must give

Moving your data to online servers from physical devices is essential. Storing the memorable moments, using an AI-driven cloud storage system has become an important aspect. Data servers connected to the internet enable it to function. To ensure accessibility, the data blocks or files are sent via the internet to the cloud and stored on multiple servers. A user interface that can be altered for each stakeholder can be used to access these files. In case a server fails unexpectedly, the presence of multiple data servers guarantees that the data has been replicated and backed up.

With various computing platforms, cloud storage functions differently. Let’s examine the various cloud computing models and their approaches to storage.

For a layman, saving a lot of photos and videos can become a tough task. Even maintaining its safety is another major challenge, and here comes AI-based cloud storage which is compatible to offer your data complete security and ease of use. Traditional storage resource management is simplified, and many of the labor-intensive manual tasks are eliminated by AI-driven storage. System management and system monitoring can be done more quickly by dedicated storage personnel. Earlier pen drives and hard drives were used to store the heavy data but with the help of AI cloud storage, one can easily save data online with a high-security system.

Here are 7 features that you must not ignore in an AI driven cloud storage

1. Storage Capacity

The amount of data storage that a device or system can actually support is referred to as its storage capacity. High definition photos of an event or party require very high storage capacity, and using traditional storage methods is not viable today. In order to design enterprise systems or other larger systems that work properly, as well as in consumer-facing IT, this crucial measurement is commonplace. 

Automatic synchronization between mobile devices and the cloud is a desired feature of mobile cloud storage services in addition to manually uploading files or data to the cloud. Mobile devices’ production of multimedia data necessitates the use of a reliable and highly accessible storage solution. The multimedia data synchronization feature is commonly built into smartphone operating systems because of this. 

Storing all the event photos and videos usually requires a lot of storage, which might easily range from a few terabytes to hundreds of petabytes. The storage system is available for a normal person to big photography agencies who wants to store their pictures safely. 

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2. Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Since there are so many photographs and videos, keeping all the data secure becomes hard with pen drives and hard disks. Unauthorized access to data and underlying storage systems must be avoided with a solid storage security strategy. By backing up and recovering data in cloud storage systems, data protection is highly strong and hard to breach.  Many trustworthy storage systems even promise to not sell their customers’ data to advertisers and other institutions. So whether you are an individual who just wants to store his memories, or a professional photography agency, you must choose a cloud storage platform that ensures 

safety, and complete privacy of personal and professional data. From preventing right click to mandatory selfie requirement for face recognition,  these  platforms will be completely safe to use. 

3. Encryption and Authentication


If you have chosen a good cloud storage provider, then your data is very safe as one can get  access to your data only using some sort of credential, your identity is verified through the process of authentication. So, only the authentic people can get access and also control the access they give to someone else.

4. Integration with different devices and platforms

One very important feature that cannot be ignored is the integration feature. Does your cloud storage platform allow you to integrate with other social media and management platforms and tools so that every individual can share their pictures directly, easily and smoothly and the photography agencies can save their time and money in management.

5. Image recognition and tagging

When we are talking about storing thousands of images, image Recognition should be used to enhance management systems by automating processes like labeling and categorizing material, improving image resolution, and spotting duplication. This can speed up search processes, boost user experience, and save time. Very good ones provide face recognition system. which offers 99% accuracy and it requires a single selfie to detect all your photos among thousands of faces.

6. Cost

Hard disks and external storages like pen drives cost a lot and thus, if the AI driven cloud storage cot even more than them, then it isn’t of much use for the individuals. And just because photography agencies can afford it to a certain extent, it does not mean that they should pay that much, there are many other expenses as well. Thus, choosing a platform that is cost effective is a very important requirement.

7. Customer Support

Customer Support

The best AI driven cloud storage platforms provide a lot of features and thus, an inexperienced individual and even many agencies need support and guidance to understand all those features. So always look for a platform that does not leave you after the purchase but also gives you further support and guidance whenever needed.


AI driven cloud storage is an amazing alternative to traditional storage systems for both individuals who want to store their lifetime memories and also for professionals and photography agencies, but not all cloud storage platforms are the same. And thus, if you take care of these features while looking for a cloud storage platform, you will be able to choose the best one. And since we have given you so much valuable content on how to choose one we would suggest you check out TurtlePic once. They are becoming highly popular. Here you get all the above mentioned features at a cost less than that of a hard disk. 

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